Rune Gutuen is one of Lucid Dreams' two riffmasters. In addition to the important part of composing ear cathing riffs, he's also the man behind the melodic guitar solos you can hear in tracks like Cassie's Escape. He also figures as Lucid Dreams' engineer and producer at this point.

Silvester Pozarnik is Lucid Dreams' other riffmaster and the man behind the more twisted guitar solos you can hear in tracks like Paranoia. He's a master in using his guitar to create great sound effects, and he is an important piece of the Lucid Dreams sound.

Manfredo on vocals is the melody maker and lyricist of Lucid Dreams. He has a musical background that's slightly different than the other members of Lucid Dreams. He tries to combine his background from classic soul / funk music and 70's style hard rock with the riffs provided by Gutuen and Pozarnik, making his addition to the Lucid Dreams sound.

No heavy metal band is complete without a heavy, hammering bass guitar. Jan-Erik Lysø and his 5 strings provides that very important thundering bass. Steady as a rock, the way a bass player should be. In addition to being the half of Lucid Dreams' bottom line, he's doing the backing vocals on some songs.

Last, but not least: Energetic, hard hitting drummer Rune Hagen is the other half of the bottom line of Lucid Dreams. With his double bass drums he's driving the band forward and acts like the glue that keeps us moving together in the same direction.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ready for live gigs

We've started rehearsing our set, and we'll soon be ready to do some gigs live. We should be ready to rock the smaller venues in March, and we're currently working to get our name out. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Reverbnation or this blog to get updated. You can also register to our mailing list at the at the bottom of this blog. You will only recieve a mail when we've uploaded new tracks, new shows are added to our schedule or if something big happens. We won't spam you, you have our word!